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Reasons to enrol in a Course at The School of Jewellery Ireland.

Our passion for design, creativity and tutoring will permeate through each student enrolled.

We are interested in every aspect of jewellery, its design and creation - how you formulate your concepts through  to your techniques and finally to your finished piece’s presentation. Our passionate enthusiasm will permeate and percolate to ensure that The School Of Jewellery is a very professional and exhilarating experience each time you come to class.

You will be immersed in a world that is delicate, precise and thrilling – the formation of a piece of beautiful, bespoke jewellery from your very own hands is something very special.  Whether you attend one of our Morning, Afternoon or Evening Courses, or indeed, a one-day course, a weekend or even a week long course, we can assure you, it will be your time very well spent.


The school is run by Deirdre O’Donnell – an internationally renowned, skilled and creative Jeweller.

Deirdre O’Donnell is one of Ireland’s most skilled and creative Goldsmiths and Jewellery maker and she has operated her own Jewellery and Goldsmith business for over 20 years - specialising in the design, creation and sales of bespoke, hand-crafted exquisite jewellery. 

She tutors at The School Of Jewellery most days during term time, and even if she isn’t teaching, she is invariably to be found working at a bench elsewhere in the school. Deirdre’s involvement in the school and in each individual course is very much 'hands-on'. She is keen to ensure that you evolve as a craftsperson with the skills and ability to create your own amazing pieces. 


Tutors @ The School Of Jewellery, Full-time Courses, Evening Courses, CAO, Alternative CoursesHigh teacher to student ratio.

The School Of Jewellery has built its reputation on offering a warm welcome, creative approach to lessons and a genuinely enjoyable place to learn. All of courses are intensive, but the atmosphere is always friendly and helpful. Crucially, a high degree of individual attention is given to every student. There are few schools that can offer the same level of personal attention and support and we pride ourselves on our dedication to our students. 


Choose from a wide range of innovative courses.

We continually add fresh and dynamic courses while always offering the tried and trusted courses that we have become known for. Central to everything we do in The School of Jewllery, Dublin is our 8 or 10 Week Traditional Jewellery & Goldsmith Skills Course – designed to offer students a complete grounding in Jewellery Making & Goldsmith Skills. In addition to the 8 or 10 Week Traditional Jewellery & Goldsmith Skills Course, we offer an extensive range of short courses lasting from an introductory one day course to a week or even a One Year Full-time Certificate Course. 

At The School Of Jewellery you can now learn -

  • Traditional Jewellery & Goldsmith Skills
  • Stone Setting
  • Craft Your Own Wedding / Friendship Rings
  • Full-time Jewellery & Goldsmith Skills Certificate
  • Silversmith Skills
  • Corporate Courses


Learn with our creative tutors.

Our expert team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to impart from both the domestic and international trade. You will learn about everything from sourcing your own bullion to selecting just the right gemstone. During each course our tutors will impart invaluable tips and hints (hard learned over many years). 


Study in one of our dedicated studios.

The School of Jewellery is situated near the heart of Dublin City Centre and is an oasis of calm (except sometimes when the Silversmiths are around) with five dedicated studios. Each studio is fully equipped with all of the tools, supplies and equipment you will need for your course and our tutors are always on hand to introduce you to new equipment and to assist you with getting to grips with any tool in the studio – the right tool for the right job.


Invest your time and see a genuine return.

We price our courses according to who is tutoring, the number of staff required, the cost of the consumables and the length of the course. We are very conscious about providing value for money to our students. Given our higher ratio of tutors to students and the superior quality of our studios, our students are invariably satisfied that the courses they undertake with us have been a good fun, a great learning experience and ultimately a keen investment of their time and money.