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8 - 10 Week Jewellery Skills Courses

8 - 10 Week Jewellery Skills Courses

Traditional Goldsmith Skills Courses 8 - 10 Week Course... this is an intensive, really fun and challenging course taught by experienced tutors who work in the goldsmith trade both in Ireland and abroad.

These courses are suited to those who would like to make jewellery as a hobby, to part-time enthusiasts or may be a first step to a full-time career in the Jewellery and Goldsmith industry, Courses are project-led with an emphasis on completing jewellery pieces over the 8 or 10 weeks.

The Traditional Goldsmith Skills course is suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced students.

As a beginner you will be introduced to and learn extensive use of the piercing saw and will complete a filigree project in the first few classes. In the subsequent classes you will make a ring and a stone setting and will learn filing, piercing, polishing, using the pendant drill and polishing motor. You will also learn techniques such as planishing using a ball pein hammer and sandblasting. You will be introduced to soldering skills and will learn how to anneal metal to make it malleable so that it can be formed. 

The course fee includes base metal materials. Silver is not included in your course fee and the cost usually amounts to approximately €60 per course (maximum) for a standard silver ring (€15 - €25) a silver pendant, gemstone and setting (€35) Gemstones and silver are purchased in class from your tutor in advance of any chosen project.

Classes are 3 hours in duration and numbers are limited to 9 students per class.

Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to enrol in any course at The School of Jewellery Ireland. heartGIFT VOUCHER

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One Day - Jewellery Skills

One Day - Jewellery Skills

One Day Course (10am - 5.30pm):

Prices are just €165 per person including base metal materials and a delicious home made lunch. 

Our expert goldsmiths will teach you how to create jewellery using traditional goldsmith skills in a relaxed environment.

There are limited places on each of these courses to ensure we deliver personalised support and assistance to each participant - so book early to avoid disappointment!

Our classes are a mix of students of all abilities, including beginners.


  • This is a great introductory course for anyone new to The School, you will be introduced to a basic Goldsmith Skills by completing one Jewellery project.
  • Choose from an array of designs to make your piece of jewellery- including pendant, ring, cufflink, bangle and earring designs. 
  • If you would like to make your piece in Silver- please select the "Add Silver €30" option when booking. Your purchase of €30 silver will cover silver for a pendant with chain, most ring sizes with a box, a bangle, or earrings or cufflinks with fittings. Brass is included.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The sample designs have been carefully selected by our team of goldsmiths as acheivable designs that can be made on a one day course as a beginner. Only these designs or similar versions may be selected to make. It is at the discretion of your tutor to agree any design that is not offered as appropriate for a beginner. The Silver available on the day is prepared for our selected sample designs only.
  • There are allocated Tea Breaks and a lunch break which must be taken through out the day.

Students with more experience:

  • This course is a fantastic way for any of our current or past students to hone their skills, or gain some extra studio time.
  • Our tutors are also happy to offer assistance with individual projects or ideas, or work on more advanced skills such as soldering or wax carving.
  • If you have completed some classes already, your tutor will move on to new and more advanced projects with every course you take.
  • The way in which classes are taught at The School means that with every course taken, students can move onto a new project or skill and projects are not repeated.

Gift Vouchers: Available to purchase  here! To book a course using a gift voucher, please call us on 01 838 0693 or email Studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie with your voucher number.

View the Gallery Here

Please Note: Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to  enrol in any course at The School of Jewellery Ireland. Individual Design Projects that are not based on our 'in house' design portfolio are subject to copyright law. We also can only assist you with projects that you have been tutored in the skills to practice. We can only tutor you - not do the projects for you!

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3 Hour 'Drop In' Class

3 Hour 'Drop In' Class

heart NEW FOR 2019 

For the beginner who would like to do a taster class, joining our informal and friendly class, or for an existing student who would like to catch up on a project with a deadline - these drop in classes are ideal for both.

You will be made very welcome and will enter a new world of jewellery making! We include a short coffee break (with biscuits) where you will meet other students.

These short classes are also a great way to work on skills that need supervision and practice whilst in a relaxed, fully equipped and professional studio environment.

SUMMER 2019 availability.smiley

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Summer Week - Jewellery Skills

Summer Week - Jewellery Skills

Traditional Jewellery & Goldsmith Skills Summer School 

29th July - 2nd August 2019.

All Levels - €595

View our Gallery for the One Week Jewellery and Goldsmith Skills Course HERE.


This Summer Week Course is extremely popular with both beginners, and students with more experience.

The Course runs Monday to Friday, 10am - 5.30pm and includes - tuition, tools, stones, base materials and delicious home made lunch each day.

Silver is available to purchase with your course booking below or throughout the week should you choose to work in Silver for certain projects.

Alternatively students can choose to work in brass, which is included in the course fee.

This course is project led with an emphasis on completing bespoke jewellery pieces throughout the week. 


Accommodation is not provided however we suggest you check out www.airbnb.com to find homely inexpensive places to stay in Dublin City.

To book a course using a gift voucher, please call us on 01 838 0693 or email Studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie with your voucher number.

Join our School on 

Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to enrol in any course at The School of Jewellery Ireland. 

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14 Week Foundation Course in Traditional Jewellery Skills

14 Week Foundation Course in Traditional Jewellery Skills


  • Customized Highly Specialised Bespoke Studio Workshops.
  • Individual attention due to low Tutor / Student Ratio.
  • Dublin City Location.
  • Intensive 14 Week Course from 2nd September - 18th December 2019.
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoons from 2.30pm - 5.30pm / 6pm.
  • Taught through Practice and Demonstration.

Now accepting applications to start on the 2nd September 2019.

Application Form Available HERE 

Please return to The School of Jewellery Ireland for consideration. 

Foundation Studies in Jewellery Skills to cover;

  • 6 - 8 Completed Silver Projects © with Materials Provided. 
  • Soldering Skills.
  • Introduction to Wax carving for production.
  • Introduction to Pattern Making for production.
  • Foundation Studies in Design, Marketing and Costings.
  • Introduction with recommendation to Trade Suppliers.

Fee Structure

  • Course fees of €2,950 will be applicable and all course materials and consumable equipment are supplied by The School of Jewellery Ireland.

Application Process

  • Applicants must be 18 years or over.
  • Applicants must have a high level of fluency in the English language.
  • We welcome all levels of experience including beginners, and are all inclusive. However, if you are not already a part-time student at The School of Jewellery Ireland, we will need to test your aptitude and there will be a simple bench test for short-listed applicants.
  • The School of Jewellery Terms & Conditions apply.

Now accepting applications to start on the 2nd September 2019 -  Application Form Available HERE 

Please return to The School of Jewellery for consideration. ​  For enquiries, please email studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie

Some testimonials from students of our Foundation Course:

"Aside from expanding my basic fabrication skills, this course has given me key insights in professional jewelry design, construction, and marketing.  Deirdre has shared her expertise in what it takes to create and run a successful jewelry business, including the thought processes in designing jewelry lines to connect to an audience.   

We've brainstormed lines of our own with Deirdre, and worked out detailed designs for several pieces to make.  Part of a foundation course is obviously technique, which has included the professional approach to sawing, soldering, wax carving, and finishing.   Deirdre started us with projects to highlight techniques and potential challenges.  We also visited a casting company to understand the skilled craftsmanship involved in turning a piece into a moldable item that could then be readily reproduced (a critical point for a jewelry line).All of this background greatly helped us in turning our designs into reality. 

While each of us came into the course with different backgrounds, Deirdre's expert guidance has pushed all of our skill sets to new levels.  As someone hoping to create her own lines, the exposure to professional techniques and knowledge of how to approach a design for repeatability are truly invaluable. Thoroughly enjoying it! "

Celia - Foundation Course Student 2018.

"Whether a beginner or with prior skills, this excellent course allows one to sample the various skills of the fascinating world of goldsmithing. In the exclusive workshop with only 4 students you are taught multiple skills tutored by the renowned goldsmith Deirdre O Donnell, ranging from piercing, design, pattern making, working with wax, a guided visit to a casting company, marketing (with the retail outlet on the premises) to mention a few and of course the constant questions and discussion and upskilling to a high standard for non-beginners. I cannot but recommend it – an opportunity not to be missed."

Clíona - Foundation Course Student 2018.


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Saturday Wedding / Friendship Ring Course

Saturday Wedding / Friendship Ring Course

Getting Married? Re-affirming your vows? Affirming your partnership? Or simply want to give the gift of something bespoke, personal and really special?

Then come to The School Of Jewellery and be guided by one of our expert Goldsmiths where you will be taught how to design and craft your own personalised bespoke Rings in your choice of precious metal.

One Fab Day Online Wedding Magazine

One Day Course 10am - 5.30pm

Prices are from just €195 per person depending on your choice of precious metal.

Previous experiece in jewellery making is not required as you will be taught how to achieve the perfect ring by our expert tutors.

As featured on OneFabDay.ie and Confetti Magazine!


Fee of €195 includes silver for a standard ladies or gents size ring with a variety of design options. Your fee also includes all your materials, expert tuition, Ring box, Gift Bag and a delicious home-made lunch.

There are limited places on each of these courses to ensure we deliver personalised support and assistance to each participant - so book early to avoid disappointment!

✨✨ If you would like to use a different precious metal, please use our Ring Size Guide and contact us at studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie  with your size and design choice for a quote- ideally at least 3 weeks in advance of the course start date.

✨✨ If you would like to use a your own precious metal from existing jewellery, firstly you need to provide hallmarked gold - meeting one of our goldsmiths to assess. This is then melted down and shaped to gold bars so that it can be used for your rings. It is also possible to add gold grain to make sure that you have enough for your precious rings. For details on this service please contact us at  studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie .

✨✨ Designs: For some design ideas, click HERE to see our Wedding Ring Design Brochure, click HERE to view our One Day Ring Course Gallery. If you have a particular design in mind, please feel free to contact us at studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie so we can advise you if your design will be possible to complete in the One Day Course.  

"My partner Jill and I had always wanted to get a unique set of matching rings but thought it was only a dream. At The School of Jewellery, we designed and made two matching silver rings over the course of a six hour class - all for the same cost as going out and buying two generic rings in a jewellers. Deirdre was a great teacher and quickly put us at ease. The studio is really nice, bright and airy and there is a lovely welcome atmosphere there. It was a brilliant experience and Jill has since enrolled as a student for one of the evening classes." Killian Waters 


Read a recent review of The School of Jewellery's Craft Your Own Wedding Ring Course by The Wedding Guy.

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience- Get in touch with us for a personalised gift voucher, or buy online HERE

Follow The School of Jewellery Ireland on Facebook  Facebook 


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Enameling Courses

Enameling Courses


We are once again offering One Day Saturday enameling courses at The School of Jewellery Ireland. These courses will be held at our City Centre enamelling studio at  Deirdre O'Donnell Contemporary Jewellery. A wonderful opportunity to experience the world of enamelling on Copper and Silver. We are offering this course to a small group of both beginners and intermediate students with previous experience.

Topics covered are enamel preparation, lead free / leaded enamel, Vitreous transparent / opaque enamel, sifting mesh sizes and techniques, suppliers, using templates, wet-packing enamel using champlevée technique and for anyone who has prior experince, we will also offer guidance with cloisonée.

Enamel Techniques

All Health and safety equipment is provided (safety goggles / masks) and we also recommend that you wear flat shoes and tie your hair back as you will be in a workshop environment.

The Course day is from 10am - 5.30pm - we provide coffee / tea & refreshments - as we are City Centre based - there are many lunch venues available in the close vicinity. All copper and silver materials are included and we will have pre-made designs in silver that may be used for champlevée.





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Stone Setting Skills - Saturday Course

Stone Setting Skills - Saturday Course

STONE SETTING SKILLS COURSES - €195 includes all materials and lunch.

Due to student demand we now offer stone setting courses.

Disciplines offered on seperate days are: 

1) Rub-over / Bezel Setting

2) Punch Setting

3) Channel Setting (previous knowledge of rub-over required)

To book a course using a gift voucher, please call us on 01 838 0693 or email studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie with your voucher number.

Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to enrol in any course at The School of Jewellery Ireland. 



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Polishing Skills

Polishing Skills

The Polishing of Precious Metal is often overlooked as a crucial skill in creating professionally finished work. 

In these Polishing Masterclass Courses, students will be guided through a variety of techniques by expert Master Polisher Stephen M Goldsmith. Students have a polishing motor each so there are no delays with waiting for a turn.

Stephen M Goldsmith FIPG -MBGG is an expert Master Polisher of over 45 year's experience, originally working for the Crown Jewellers Asprey & Garrard and now working with well-known society jeweller Theo Fennell.  

Students will be shown how to achieve a flawless polish finish to their work aswell as experimenting with an assortment of textured  finishes during our Full Time Certificate Courses.



To book a course using a gift voucher, please call us on 01 838 0693 or email Studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie with your voucher number.

Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to enrol in any course at The School of Jewellery Ireland. 

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Engraving Skills

Engraving Skills

ENGRAVING SKILLS with tutor Martin O'Keeffe

Martin O'Keeffe was traditionally apprenticed at sixteen years of age to Master Engraver Derek M. Egan of Castle St. Dublin and has almost 40 years experience as a full-time, professional Hand Engraver (only a handful of whom still exist in Ireland).

Martin's approach to engraving and the teaching of that craft is enthusiastic, informal and pragmatic. 

"We all work within our limitations. With time and practice those limitations dissipate, but at the beginning, armed only with the most basic engraving techniques, (wriggle cuts and bright cuts) a student can achieve the most surprisingly beautiful results."

This practical, no nonsense approach to an ancient art form has seen Martin work with Ireland's top Jewellery Designers and Manufacturers as well as leading International Retailers to name a few...Tiffanys, Boodles and Cartier.

Learn the skills to hand engrave your jewellery, maintain and sharpen your gravers and learn the 'tips of the trade' from Martin O'Keeffe  - all levels welcome.

Starting in September 2019 - 6.30pm - 9.30pm Wednesday evenings

School closed 28th October - 2nd November for Mid-term Break.

2019 / 2020 Term Calendar - Download Here 

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Group Bookings

Group Bookings

Why not book a Corporate Course for your team at work?

Or enjoy a unique Hen Party experience

It's Fun, Challenging, Creative and Rewarding - Only €145 per student to include all Precious Silver Materials, Silver Chain, Gift Box and Bag, Coffee / Tea and Prosecco and Afternoon Tea.

A Minimum of 6 Students are required to book this Course.

Available times are;

  • Wednesday, Friday or Saturday afternoons - 2pm - 6pm by arrangement.
  • Friday and Saturday mornings - 9.00am - 1pm by arrangement.

  • 9.00am or 2pm: Arrive and enrol with our Team.
  • 9.05am or 2:05pm: Select your Irish Silver or Gold Jewellery Design from our Sparkling Jewels. 
  • 9.10am or 2:10pm: Our tutors will show you the steps to familiarise you with the Studio. Then off you go...
  • 12.30 or 5:30pm: Enjoy Afternoon Tea of Prosecco, strawberries and scones. 

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