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Traditional Goldsmith Skills Courses 9 Week Courses... this is an intensive, really fun and challenging course taught by experienced tutors who work in the goldsmith trade both in Ireland and abroad.

This is an intensive and professional course that will teach the many valuable skills needed to begin a full-time career in the Jewellery and Goldsmith industry.

It is taught by experienced tutors who currently work in the goldsmith trade, both in Ireland and abroad.

Courses are project-led with an emphasis on completing jewellery pieces over 9 weeks.

The Traditional Goldsmith Skills course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. 

As a beginner you will be introduced to and learn extensive use of the piercing saw and will complete a filigree project in the first few classes. In the subsequent classes you will make a ring and a contemporary silver pendant or earring design of your choice - lots of samples to choose from and will learn filing, piercing, polishing, using the pendant drill and polishing motor. You will also learn techniques such as planishing using a ball pein hammer and sandblasting. You will be introduced to soldering skills and will learn how to anneal metal to make it malleable so that it can be formed. 

The projects learned are not repeated – each course is a follow on from the next and your tutor will make sure to only repeat the tasks if you particularly want to focus on a skill. Normally, students progress in the second term to Wax carving and soldering skills – however we are very flexible once the basics have been covered!

The course fee includes base metal materials. Silver is not included in your course fee and the cost usually amounts to approximately €60 per course (maximum) for a standard silver ring (€15 - €35) and silver pendant / earring design (€25)  silver is  purchased in class from your tutor in advance of any chosen project.

Classes are 3 hours in duration and numbers are limited to 8 students per class.

Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to enrol in any course at The School of Jewellery Ireland.