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Courses » EASTER COURSES 2022 » EASTER - 5 day Jewellery Skills



11th - 15th April '22 - €695.00

10am - 5.30pm - one hour lunch break from 1pm to 2pm

This is a wonderful way to immerse yourself and spend 5 days in the studio under the careful guidance of our qualified tutors. The week long course, for only 7 students, is suitable for the beginner, intermediate or improver.

As a beginner you will be introduced to and learn about the extensive use of the piercing saw and will complete a filligree project on the first day.

On the second day you will make a ring and will learn filing, piercing, polishing, using the pendant drill and polishing motor. You may also learn techniques such as planishing and sand blasting.

On the third & fourth day you will make a stone setting (stones are included). You may add your setting to the ring that you made on day 2 or make a pendant. You will also have an opportunity to design and make a piece on the final day if you have finished your stone setting using all the techniques that you have learned.

The course fee includes all base metal materials and stones for stone settings.

Silver for the Stone Setting and Ring projects can be purchased as an add-on with your course booking for €60.

As an improver / Advanced student we will expand techniques that you have already learned and perfect these.

Silver will be available to purchase throughout the course. 

Jewellery Skills to include a choice of 2 levels of soldering skills (depending on your ability).

Soldering Skills to include making, soldering & finishing a simple silver chain - choice of either a bracelet or neck-chain designs available (or both depending on ability).




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