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Full Time Courses » 14 Week Foundation Course in Traditional Jewellery Skills

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14 Week Foundation Course in Jewellery Skills

14 Week Foundation Course in Jewellery Skills


  • Customized Highly Specialised Bespoke Studio Workshops.
  • Individual attention due to low Tutor / Student Ratio ( 6 students max)
  • Dublin City Location.
  • Intensive 14 Week Course from September - Dec 2020. 
  • Tuesday and Wednesday's: 2pm - 5.30pm, Thursdays: 2.30pm - 5.30pm
  • Taught through Practice and Demonstration.

Now accepting applications to start in September 2020 - Application Form Available HERE

Please return to The School of Jewellery Ireland for consideration. 

Foundation Studies in Jewellery Skills to cover;

  • 6 - 8 Completed Silver Projects © with Materials Provided. 
  • Soldering Skills.
  • Introduction to Wax carving for production.
  • Introduction to Pattern Making for production.
  • Foundation Studies in Design, Marketing and Costings.
  • Introduction with recommendation to Trade Suppliers.

Fee Structure

  • Course fees of €2,950 will be applicable and all course materials and consumable equipment are supplied by The School of Jewellery Ireland.

Application Process

  • Applicants must be 18 years or over.
  • Applicants must have a high level of fluency in the English language.
  • We welcome all levels of experience including beginners, and are all inclusive. However, if you are not already a part-time student at The School of Jewellery Ireland, we will need to test your aptitude and there will be a simple bench test for short-listed applicants.
  • The School of Jewellery Terms & Conditions apply.

For course enquiries, please email studio@theschoolofjewellery.ie

All silver course project materials are included in your fee - there is an additional credit allowance of €100 included also for your final project which covers a limited edition collection designed and made by you (cast using our caster) This is an ample amount to cover your pattern mould and casting / silver costs. 

There is also a visit included to the casting company and assay office. 

We also introduce you to trade suppliers in Ireland and the UK. You will have a trade account with the caster on completion of the course.

The course structure covers intensive skills in piercing, soldering, wax carving and filing. Once you enter the collection stage of the course, you will be given plenty of opportunity to discuss thetechniques for cleaning up castings. Ideally those that you have made on the course, however all techniques are transferable. Paul is brilliant at this and uses ‘tricks of the trade’ that students appreciate. 


Some testimonials from students of our Foundation Course:

"Aside from expanding my basic fabrication skills, this course has given me key insights in professional jewelry design, construction, and marketing.  Deirdre has shared her expertise in what it takes to create and run a successful jewelry business, including the thought processes in designing jewelry lines to connect to an audience.   

We've brainstormed lines of our own with our tutor, and worked out detailed designs for several pieces to make.  Part of a foundation course is obviously technique, which has included the professional approach to sawing, soldering, wax carving, and finishing. We started with projects to highlight techniques and potential challenges.  We also visited a casting company to understand the skilled craftsmanship involved in turning a piece into a moldable item that could then be readily reproduced (a critical point for a jewelry line).All of this background greatly helped us in turning our designs into reality. 

While each of us came into the course with different backgrounds, expert guidance has pushed all of our skill sets to new levels.  As someone hoping to create her own lines, the exposure to professional techniques and knowledge of how to approach a design for repeatability are truly invaluable. Thoroughly enjoying it! "

Celia - Foundation Course Student 2018.

"Whether a beginner or with prior skills, this excellent course allows one to sample the various skills of the fascinating world of goldsmithing. In the exclusive workshop, you are taught multiple skills tutored ranging from piercing, design, pattern making, working with wax, a guided visit to a casting company, marketing to mention a few and of course the constant questions and discussion and up-skilling to a high standard for non-beginners. I cannot but recommend it – an opportunity not to be missed."

Clíona - Foundation Course Student 2018.

See our proud selection of some past Foundation course Graduates work here......