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Rose  18ct gold cultured pearl pendant.

The School Of Jewellery were delighted to participate in December 2013 at The National Craft Fair in the RDS. We invited some of our top students to participate at the fair and to display and sell some of their amazing pieces.

The National Craft Fair was a huge success for each of our students - they had the opportunity to display and showcase their talent, imagination and their business skills at the fair. 

Prior to the Fair, each student had to develop a range of items for sale, design and create the items and ensure they were of a suitable standard and quality to showcase and be sold at the fair. They also had to ensure the pricing was correct and that they would make some profits on their sales. 

The School Of Jewellery were on hand at all times to guide and assist all of our students with their marketing, photography, pricing, creative expression and making of all of the pieces. 

We were proud to support and showcase each and every one of the ten students exhibiting and many of the Students have continued designing and selling their pieces to Clients that they met at the Fair.

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