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Bench Peg & Anvil - C999082

€ 35.00

Bench Peg And Anvil

The ideal tool for those who don't have a jewellers bench, the Bench Peg and Anvil set comprises of a bench anvil made from metal, and a wooden bench peg.

This jewellers bench peg and anvil set is for multifunctional use, perfect for silversmith work. The bench peg is secured to the bench with a G Clamp, with the 'slanted' surface uppermost. The top of the clamp has a flat smooth surface which is used as the anvil hence 'Bench Peg and Anvil'.

The bench peg should have an upside down 'V' cut into it to help support the metal when being pierced. The clamp opens to 45mm.

  • Perfectly attaches to any worktop or table up to 45mm
  • Peg made from Haldu wood
  • Anvil made from cast iron
  • Anvil top 75mm x 60mm