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Jess Marerro and Jill O'Malley are our enamelling Tutors at The School of Jewellery Ireland.

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Lavinia Reidy

Lavinia Reidy

Lavinia Reidy joined The School of Jewellery Ireland as a full time student on our Full Time Certificate Course in September 2016 - graduating with a high distinction.

She was accepted to the 2018 Full Time Higher Certificate Course, graduating once more with a High Distinction in June 2019.

Since August 2019, Lavinia has been employed as a tutor and goldsmith at The School of Jewellery Ireland where she has joined our team of enamelling and goldsmith skills tutors.

Her inspirations from the natural world, namely it's lunar aspects with the metropolitan and cultural foundations of her work environment and heritage, are conveyed in her intricate mix of simplistic and precise linear designs.

This is coupled with evocative, intricate textures and patterns combined with the use of bright stones to create eye-catching nuances within her pieces.

Lavinia also works alongside Deirdre O'Donnell in her Bespoke studio on limited edition collections.