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Welcome to The School of Jewellery Ireland

Welcome to The School of Jewellery Ireland

The School of Jewellery Ireland re-opened on the 12th April 2021 for our Full Time Courses, on the 17th April for our one day courses and the 26th April for our Summer Terms. All Courses are now running as normal.

Link here to our COVID-19 Policy Updated on the 7th May '21

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"I have the greatest respect for what Deirdre O'Donnell is doing at The School of Jewellery Ireland. Basic skills, well taught, are the cornerstone of good jewellery making and there is no quick fix. Really good skills are harder to acquire. What Deirdre is doing is great for the trade and for those that want to learn with a real depth of ability."- Jane Huston - DCCOI Jewellery & Skills Course Tutor for 14 years.

“Brilliant work, so important to teach these skills and so rewarding for both sides… if only there were more Deirdres. So good to see, I have such admiration for what you are doing.” Theo Fennell - Society Jeweller London.

The School of Jewellery Ireland is a Traditional Jewellery School set in the heart of Dublin City. Our internationally renowned courses are recommended by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and teach Full-Time, Part-Time, Summer Week, Weekend and one day Jewellery Courses.

The Skills provided include Part Time Traditional Jewellery Skills (Goldsmith Skills), Silversmith Skills, Design, Business, Engraving, Polishing, Wax Carving for Casting and associated skills. Our 'Make your own Wedding / Friendship Ring' Course is extremely popular, fun and rewarding. Our Full Time Certificate in Traditional Jewellery and Goldsmith Skills, which we offer annually, enroling each September, receives worldwide applications and enrolements.

Established in 2011, many of our students are now active both part time and full time in the Jewellery Trade.  Our tutors are internationally trained, professional and are an integral part of the jewellery trade both in Ireland and abroad. 

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