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The School of Jewellery Ireland is a gem.....

The School of Jewellery Ireland is a gem.....

The School of Jewellery Ireland was launched in 2011 at The National Craft & Design Fair in Dublin and has grown from strength to strength since then. In 2015 we added our Full-time One Year Certificate Course in Traditional Jewellery and Goldsmith Skills dedicated to Jewellery and Goldsmith Skills. The School is the creation of goldsmith Deirdre O'Donnell and teaches solid foundations in the Traditional Skills of the Goldsmith and Jeweller. In 2016 we are launched our One Year Full Time Higher Certificate as a follow on from our Certificate Course. 

The tutors at The School of Jewellery Ireland are perfectionists and value the time that each student is dedicating to these challenging but rewarding skills. This is reflected in the facilities provided in a homely, yet totally professional, atmosphere that compliments craft in its truest form.

The School of Jewellery Ireland is conveniently located in Dublin City Centre with parking, bus, train and Luas services on it's doorstep. The School is professionally run and the tutors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This balance encourages students to engage in these fascinating disciplines with confidence. 

The basis of all the craft courses is the same – persistence, care, perfection and technique will result in beautifully wearable pieces that will stand the test of time.  

There are morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, one day, Summer Courses in addition to our Full Time Courses that can fit into any busy or laid-back schedule. 

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